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I’m back baby!

5 Dec
English: Spaghetti and Meatballs

English: Spaghetti and Meatballs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve seen this before and I swore that I wouldnt do it but I am.  I am saying that I haven’t written in a really long time. Well… I haven’t.  I’ve been busy. (they all say that, I know)  But I’m not much of a writer ansd life gets in the way but I’m back baby!  I bet no one will read this anyhow but I feel the need to so what the hell.

It’s not like anyone will see this anyway. My friends tell me this blogging thing is stupid. I don’t think so. I just think I need to work on it more so here I am working on it.

Ok. so if anyone is reading this or really cares. I want to say that I will try to write more.

My friend Amy said to be a blogger I need to be an expert at something. I tried the style thing. I’m no expert. I cna bearly get to work with my hair and makeup done right. I’m a mess. i know it. I am one of those people in the store at midnight in my PJ bottoms to get some beer. and chocolate. I love chocolate, who doesn’t. Am I right?

So I’m not a style person and I’m not very good with guys, I mean , Men. OR should I say, they are not good with me. I always pick the rotton ones. they look good but they treat me bad. Old story, you’ve heard it before.

So what do I know? I know how to cook pretty good. I can make a mean spaghetti and meatballs ( my Mom is Italian and taught me) I can make alot of stuff.  I could write about food but I don’t know?

What do you think?  LOL  I know I’m alone here. i will think it out and be back. I could write about guys being a f-ing jerk to me.  They try to twilight me, all sweet and nice and then, before you know it, they have me and then it’s baby, I need some cash. I’ve had it. Where are all the nice guys?

I’ll sign off now. I need my beauty sleep…

Eva ♥


21 May


Being a shy gal, I avoid speaking in public. I don’t like a lot of unwanted attention. I get embarrassed.   A lot of my friends are very outgoing but I’m not like that.   For years now my friend Mary has been trying to talk me into going to sing karaoke.

I was drunk one time and went to one but I didn’t sing. I don’t think I could ever be that drunk.  seriously.  Most of the people can’t sing anyway and I don’t know why they want to because they sound horrible.

Some of them are good singers like my friend and a few others. Most, like I said, are horrible.  But some of them are drunk and they don’t care how they look. I do have to say though that they look like they are having fun.

I do like to sing and the funny thing is that I think I am better at it than some of those people down there. at least I know I am not worse. I  sing in the shower and I have been known to sing in my car to the radio. life has not been so good lately. I need some fun. Major fun.
So what am I getting at: I’m doing it, Mary has talked me into it. This weekend we are going with a bunch of other friends. I will have to write about my experiences, if I don’t chicken out.

Good luck to me and you too,


I suck at this

5 May

I haven’t written for a while and that’s because I’ve been depressed. I lost my job and that guy at Starbucks did not work out. He turned out to be a real jerk you know what.

I don’t want to tell my family about the job. It sucked and it paid jack but it was something.  The shop closed down. No business. My stupid boss, old boss now was crying in her office.

I felt sorry for the old cow for just a minute the I remembered what a cow she and I stopped it.

What  I am doing here is the question I’d say. I haven’t a notion or clue.

So much for in style with Eva. I suck at this.

I went to see an old friend. She said Don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s not small to me. I have no boyfriend or rent money. I don’t know what to do.

I’m thinking of changing the name. Anybody with any ideas?  LOL

I’ll write again…..don’t know what.

Eva ♥

ps. I really don’t look like this.

I’m not really wonder woman but I”d like to be.

Change of direction

16 Apr

I started this blog with a different idea in mind. I wanted to talk about fashion and style. I wanted to talk about inner beauty and outer beauty. I wanted to talk about strong women and motivational people.

I still want to speak of these things but I feel I need to talk about other stuff too….

It’s not easy being a single girl making it on her own in the “Big City.”  My job sucks but I’m glad I’ve got it. It could be worse but my boss is an uptight smelly old perfume wearing bag and a half with illusions of grandeur and nothing to do on a Saturday night.

I do have a date on this Saturday with this guy I met at a Starbucks. I see him there all the time. I smile, he smiles… nothing happens…two weeks go by.  I can’t stand it. It’s those eyes, he has incredible eyes!

I’m getting too old for coy so I finally say something, nice day I say, how stupid.  ( It’s raining ) But it worked, we started talking and next thing you know… he asked me out!

I don’t know what to wear.  This I will think about today.  I am off to work now.  I will write again.

Eva ♥