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Fun Hats

3 Apr

Fun Hats by Eva ♥


Are you a hat person?  Most people say no when I ask them this important question.   I don’t understand this hat reluctance.  Hats are fun and they tell everyone that you’re a fun person.

I have several hats.  Some are from a long time ago but most I bought recently.  I suppose it was because I didn’t know I was a hat person until then.  I thought hats were sort of stupid, well most hats anyhow.

Now I love hats. They say who I am.  Fun and full of life.  I am up for the next amazing thing and nothing can weigh me down.

So should I ask the question….Are YOU a hat person?

Here are some hats, take your pick……





Embrace Color

21 Mar


by evamichelle ♥

       Color is your friend.

       Do not be afraid of it.

Embrace color and let its magic work for you.

It can be dramatic and draw attention.

It can be lavish and lush.

Let it enhance your natural beauty.

Some days I am a serene green on others its shocking red.

I have a million moods and million color combinations.

What colors fit your mood today?

Be your own fashion icon

16 Mar

By Evamichelle

Be your own fashion icon!

Personal style is what you make of it

How you present yourself to the world says a lot about you

Be your own fashion icon

L e a d

Do not follow.

{ Whatever it is }

• • Make  it  your  own • •

Make a bold statement

Or none at all.

♥ But make it yours ♥