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Change of direction

16 Apr

I started this blog with a different idea in mind. I wanted to talk about fashion and style. I wanted to talk about inner beauty and outer beauty. I wanted to talk about strong women and motivational people.

I still want to speak of these things but I feel I need to talk about other stuff too….

It’s not easy being a single girl making it on her own in the “Big City.”  My job sucks but I’m glad I’ve got it. It could be worse but my boss is an uptight smelly old perfume wearing bag and a half with illusions of grandeur and nothing to do on a Saturday night.

I do have a date on this Saturday with this guy I met at a Starbucks. I see him there all the time. I smile, he smiles… nothing happens…two weeks go by.  I can’t stand it. It’s those eyes, he has incredible eyes!

I’m getting too old for coy so I finally say something, nice day I say, how stupid.  ( It’s raining ) But it worked, we started talking and next thing you know… he asked me out!

I don’t know what to wear.  This I will think about today.  I am off to work now.  I will write again.

Eva ♥

Fun Hats

3 Apr

Fun Hats by Eva ♥


Are you a hat person?  Most people say no when I ask them this important question.   I don’t understand this hat reluctance.  Hats are fun and they tell everyone that you’re a fun person.

I have several hats.  Some are from a long time ago but most I bought recently.  I suppose it was because I didn’t know I was a hat person until then.  I thought hats were sort of stupid, well most hats anyhow.

Now I love hats. They say who I am.  Fun and full of life.  I am up for the next amazing thing and nothing can weigh me down.

So should I ask the question….Are YOU a hat person?

Here are some hats, take your pick……